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deviation in storage by UkkiKirkland


Chapter 17

Rumpelstiltskin knocked on the front door that belonged to Jefferson, but there wasn't any answer. They would've entered the house, but the front door was locked.

"Are you sure this is his home?" Belle asked him.

"Belle, I should know where everyone lives in Storybrooke," Rumpelstiltskin replied. "Jefferson lives in this mansion."

"Does he have any loved ones he would be reuniting with?" Belle asked. She remembered asking if she could reunite with her father, but she understood that this took precedence.

"A daughter," Rumpelstiltskin answered. "Grace."

"You said that," Belle said remembering. "He could be reuniting with her."

Rumpelstiltskin sighed. "If anything, Belle, he would be avoiding her," he replied.

"Because he abandoned her?" Belle asked.

"He thinks he did," Rumpelstiltskin replied.

Belle crossed her arms. "That's no reason not to be reunited with her," Belle replied. "You're reuniting with your son once when Emma finds him." She turned to look at Rumpelstiltskin when she realized what she said was a little harsh. "Rumpelstiltskin, I'm sorry. That was a little harsh."

"Maybe a little," Rumpelstiltskin agreed. He escorted her back to the sidewalk.

"Where else is Jefferson going to be?" Belle asked.

"I'm right here," the man in question replied.

Belle turned to see the man who let her out of the cage that had been holding her holding a girl of about ten in his arms.

"Belle," Jefferson said, "It's good to see you."

"I could say the same," Belle replied with a smile. "I wanted to thank you for letting me out earlier this morning."

"It was no problem at all," Jefferson told her.

"Can you let me down now, Papa?" the girl in his arms had asked when she realized they were finally home.

Jefferson did the complete opposite for a moment and squeezed tighter before setting his daughter on her feet. "Grace, why don't you go with Mr. Gold's companion, Belle, and enjoy the playground in the backyard while I talk to Mr. Gold?" he suggested.

Belle smiled at her before she offered her hand for the girl's.

Grace stared at Belle's hand for a moment. She understood when something has been given freely, and this was. She smiled at Belle before taking it, and then she and Belle walked around to the backyard to the playground.

"She's a pretty girl," Rumpelstiltskin told him.

"The light of my life," Jefferson told him as he continued to look at the direction she and Belle took, "and the most amazing part is that she has forgiven me for leaving her."

"We both know you didn't abandoned your child, Jefferson," Rumpelstiltskin said. "I abandoned mine."

"And you're using Princess Emma to find him," Jefferson replied remembering now that he has to use her formal title. He put his hand up to stop Rumpelstiltskin from saying anything more and continued. "I know you, Rumpelstiltskin. You know who everyone is in Storybrooke and their talents. Princess Emma's family has a talent for finding people."

"Emma does have experience with finding people," Rumpelstiltskin pointed out. "She was a bails bondswoman before she came to Storybrooke."

"Which came from her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming," Jefferson countered. "They were always able to find one another when they had been separated." He had heard the stories in the Enchanted Forest of his prince and princess met. "Prince Henry, according to Grace, brought Emma here after he found her."

"I didn't come here to debate the issue," Rumpelstiltskin replied.

"Then why did you come here?" Jefferson asked.

"For your hat," Rumpelstiltskin replied.

"Why?" Jefferson asked. "To get home?"

"In a manner of speaking," Rumpelstiltskin said. "It's a key to a two way portal to this land and our home land."

"For people who want to go home?" Jefferson asked.

"Yes," Rumpelstiltskin said.

"And for people who want to stay like me?" Jefferson asked.

"Once again, yes," Rumpelstiltskin said. "Do you have the hat?"

Jefferson sighed when he realized that he had all the information Rumpelstiltskin was going to give him regarding why he needed the hat. "I don't have it," he said.

"Then who does have it?" Rumpelstiltskin asked, but he feared he already knew the answer to his own question.

"Who else?" Jefferson asked.

"Regina," Rumpelstiltskin and Jefferson said in unison.
For the Love of Family Chap 17, an OUaT fanfic
Rumpelstiltskin and Belle journey to Jefferson's mansion in Storybrooke for a certain item he needs.
Chapter 16

While Grumpy was helping Emma and Snow, yet another couple was being reunited. Abigail and Frederick were laying on the couch she as Kathryn had shared with Charming as David. Abigail was snuggled up against her true love, Frederick, who couldn't believe he had his Abigail in his arms. "I've missed you," he replied. "This."

Abigail smiled up at him. "So have I," she replied. "Though it is kind of ironic that Regina had me married to Prince James."

"And she had me single and a gym teacher," Frederick replied. "Some kind of twisted sense of it."

"But that's the thing," Abigail replied.

"What thing?" he asked.

"When Prince James and Snow White were David Nolan and Mary Margaret Blanchard, they knew they were supposed to be together," Abigail replied. "Even though the curse kept them apart."

"It kept everyone apart," Frederick pointed out. "And even the curse kept them apart when they knew they loved each other. They knew each other where we did not."

Abigail gave him a look.

Frederick just smiled at her. "When you had been kidnapped," Frederick replied, "I thought it was scary especially since after you tore through Snow at school that day, you ran into me, and then later I found your car abandoned."

"That is scary," Abigail conceded. "As scary as it was for me when I found out that you were turned into gold."

Frederick took her hand and held it. "Everything is okay now," he said and then glanced at his watch. "It's almost lunch time; I wonder if Granny's is open."

Abigail smiled. "Are you sparing me from cooking?" she asked.

Frederick just smiled and answered her. "Yes," he said, "but if Granny's is open we can scope out out some of the gossip and rumors."

"You're not going to punch James, are you?" Abigail asked.

"Why would I?" Frederick asked. "You two thought you were married; I'm not going to penalize either of you."

Abigail smiled as he pulled her into his arms. They got ready for their first afternoon out in Storybrooke.

An hour later, they walked into Granny's. They noticed Charming and Henry at the counter eating burgers and fries.

Abigail looked back at Frederick to see his reaction, but he didn't show any. He just smiled and winked at her.

"Now see, girl," Granny told Red. "Didn't I tell you it was smart to stay open?"

Red smiled at Granny. "Yes, Granny, you did," she replied to her and then turned to Abigail and Frederick to tell them, "Take a seat. I'll be right with you."

"Thanks," Abigail replied as she took a seat at a booth.

Frederick slide in on the other side.

Charming looked over his shoulder and smiled. "I was wondering if you found him," he said. "If you had found each other."

"Apparently people are reuniting with their loved ones," Abigail replied and squeezed Frederick's hand. "Thanks to your daughter."

A light went off in Frederick's mind. "Emma," he said remembering. "She broke the curse."

"She did," Charming replied. "Snow and I are really proud of her."

"Speaking of Snow, I thought you would be with her and Emma," Abigail said. "Not just your grandson."

Charming popped a fry soaked with salt and ketchup into his mouth before saying, "Apparently you haven't heard."

"Heard what?" Abigail asked curiously.

"The Enchanted Forest still exists," Charming replied, "at least, according to Rumpelstiltskin which is what Emma and I got out of him this morning with Belle pushing him to tell us everything."

Abigail and Frederick stared at him. "Home?" Frederick asked. "Why aren't we back?"

"Rumpelstiltskin," Abigail answered as she looked at Frederick and then looked back at Charming. "He created the curse, didn't he? He wants your family to do something."

"Emma, technically," Charming corrected, "and there's no way she's not getting mine or Snow's help."

"Or mine," Henry interjected.

"What does Rumpelstiltskin want Emma to do?" Abigail asked.

"To find his son, Baelfire or Bae, which is what he calls him," Charming answered.

"That little imp has a child? A son in this land?" Frederick asked surprised. "The reason why we were thrown into this world? The reason why he created the curse?"

"Frederick," Abigail said.

Frederick sighed. "Is that why you're looking for Grumpy?" he asked and then smiled when Charming gave him a look. "I've heard of his drawing ability. His name once was Dreamy."

"Emma thought to do an age progression sketch," Charming informed him.

"Will that even work?" Abigail asked.

Henry turned to look at Abigail. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Henry," Charming said.

"She may have a point," Frederick put in knowing where his true love was going.

Charming looked at Frederick. "Will one of you enlighten me?" he asked warily.

"We don't know how old his son was when he entered this world," Abigail replied, "and we sure don't know how old he is now. Nor do we know how long ago he entered this world."

"Abigail," Charming said. "We're talking about Rumpelstiltskin here. He knows the ins and outs of all kinds of magic, and he knows that-"

"All magic comes with a price," Abigail finished.

"He probably did it in the ball park," Charming replied. "He probably has own prices to pay as well as the price to get home, or who knows maybe he knows another way to get home. We'll see, won't we?" He looked down at Henry as he got up, took his wallet out of his pocket, and set some money which included a tip for Red on the counter. "Come on, Henry."

Henry got up as well and raced to the door.

"See you later, Abigail, Frederick," Charming replied and then looked over at Granny and Red. "Red, Granny." He walked to the door and left.

Frederick looked over at Abigail. "Are you sure you didn't want to marry him?" he asked.

Abigail looked at Frederick and smiled as she threaded her fingers with his. "I wanted you, Frederick, because I love you," she said. "Not him." She brought his hand and kissed it. "You."
For the Love of Family Chap 16, an OUaT fanfic
More couples and families continue to find each other after the curse broke, and one certain couple finds Charming and Henry. They tell the couple what's what.
Chapter 15

Back in Storybrooke, Grumpy was just letting himself back into his apartment when Cinderella stuck her head out of her own apartment with her daughter, Alexandra, on her hip. "There you are, Grumpy," she said.

Grumpy rolled his eyes. "Here I am," he said. "What do you want, your highness?"

"I'm just relying you a message from Snow," Cinderella replied hastily.

"Well, what's the message?" he asked. "I don't have all damn day you know."

"She's looking for you," Cinderella replied. "Her grandson was with her." Everyone in town knew who Henry is and his connection to Emma and the Charming Family.

"Prince Henry was with her?" Grumpy asked with surprise.

"Yes," Cinderella said and bounced Alexandra in her arms a little without even thinking about it when her daughter got a little restless. "It's about getting home."

"As you can see," Grumpy grumbled, "I am home."

"Why are you so dense?" Cinderella asked with frustration. "No, the Enchanted Forest is home."

Grumpy's eyes widened at the thought of that. "It still exists?" he asked amazed.

"According to Snow, it does," Cinderella replied.

"Do you have any idea where she and her family might be?" Grumpy asked.

"At the apartment or they could be at the Sheriff's station," Cinderella replied. "Though I would lie my bets on the latter rather than the former."

Grumpy sighed. He didn't want to take that bet, but he would rather know where they were at. He pulled out his phone and dialed the Sheriff's station.

"Swan," Emma said when she picked up the phone.

"I hear you're looking for me," Grumpy replied.

"Yes, we are," Emma said. "Can you come by the station?"

Grumpy evaded the sheriff's question by asking one of his own. "Is this about getting home to the Enchanted Forest?" he asked.

"It is," Emma answered. "I can give you the details when you get here."

"Then I'm on my way, your highness," Grumpy replied and then hung up.

Cinderella smiled. "I don't think she likes her new title," she told him.

"She's going to have to get used to it," Grumpy told her. "She broke the curse; she's going to have to deal with it because I'm not calling her anything else but your highness." He opened his door to his apartment and then closed the door behind him.

Still having the baby on her hip, Cinderella looked down at Alexandra. "You know what, Alexandra?" she asked. "He's right."

An hour later, Grumpy walks into the Sheriff's station on his own free will, something Leroy would have done on his own free will. Just thinking about the irony, Grumpy smiled. "Should I appreciate the irony of this?" he asked when he sat on one of the chairs in Emma's office making himself at home.

Emma smiled understanding him. She lost track the number of times she had arrested him for drunk and disorderly and add on the number of times Graham must have arrested him for the very same thing. "You should," Emma replied, "because that's not what you're here for."

"Then why am I here?" Grumpy asked and then looked around to see that neither of the princes were in the station either. "And where is Prince Charming and Prince Henry?"

"They are at Granny's having lunch," Snow answered.

"My mom was telling me that you have a talent for drawing," Emma said conversationally.

"I do," Grumpy confirmed, but he wasn't even fooled for a second. "What do you want me to draw? How is it going to help us get home?" He looked from Snow to Emma.

"We're looking for Rumpelstiltskin's son," Emma told him.

Grumpy stared at him. "His son!" he exclaimed.

Snow knew that this was going to happen. "Grumpy, please," she pleaded, "listen to all of it before you disagree."

"It's the only way to get home," Emma replied.

"After hearing that, why should we even go home?" he asked.

Emma stood up from her chair and walked to a window. She did this to give herself more time on how to answer him. "You do know he's the only one who could have created the curse, right?" Emma asked him as she turned toward him.

"Not many people did know that, but I was one of the few who did," Grumpy answered.

Emma walked back to her desk. "Then you need to know that the people who died here are still alive in the Enchanted Forest," Emma replied.

Grumpy stared at her for minute before her words hit home. "The former sheriff," Grumpy replied with complete understanding. He looked at Snow when he realized who Graham was in the Enchanted Forest. He had heard of the Huntsman and then looked over at Snow. "The one who spared you and helped Prince Charming escape."

"Yes," Snow said.

Grumpy started thinking back to several months ago, and he looked over at Emma. "The argument at Granny's the night before he died," he said, "feelings were starting to surface. Yours and his." He really looked at Emma, and just what his heart did with Snow when they had lived in the Enchanted Forest, it softened towards Emma. "He's your true love."

"He's also Henry's father," Snow informed him.

"Mom," Emma said in protest.

Snow looked at Emma and smiled. "Honey, he needs all the facts," she told her daughter.

"Well, I guess that's okay then," Emma said sarcastically.

"That does explain a lot," Grumpy replied.

"So I've been told," Emma replied as she looked at Snow. She sighed and looked back at Grumpy. "Are you going to help or not?"

Grumpy looked from mother to daughter, and he thought how could I win? "Count me in," he said.
For the Love of Family Chap 15, an OUaT fanfic
Grumpy finds out that the Charmings are looking for him, and he struggles with the reason why.
Chapter 14

Prince Philip, Mulan, and the Huntsman were getting closer to Princess Aurora, Philip's one true love, every day. During the last six months, the three of them have become thick as thieves, but the Huntsman kept a look out for his wolf brother everyday but to avail.

The Huntsman took the middle shift during the night because when he tried to sleep through the night, he couldn't do it. About a month ago, he had awoken during the middle shift when it was Philip's turn.

"You're not on yet," Philip told him. "It's only midway through my shift."

"I can't sleep," the Huntsman told him. "It's like whenever I try to sleep my mind is trying to tell me something. Something important. Something I should know."

"But you don't know what, do you?" Philip asked.

The Huntsman shook his head. "But an image in my mind keeps getting clearer with every passing night," he told his companion, and with every passing day, he trusted his two companions, Philip and Mulan, more and more. The more he trusts them the more that he feels like that their his friends.

"And it hurts you," Philip replied. He too was starting to understand his companion.

"I guess it does," the Huntsman replied.

"Why don't you tell me about it?" Philip replied. "This image you see in your dream. Tell me about it."

"It's of a woman," he answered. "All I can see is that she's a blonde and wearing a red cloak, I guess is the best way to describe the garment, but I feel like I should know her."

"Maybe you do know her," Philip replied. "You're still missing twenty-eight years of your life, my friend; maybe it's a memory that's trying to surface."

"Mulan says I shouldn't think about it because it hurts my head too much," the Huntsman replied.

"But..." Philip could hear it in his friend's thoughts.

"But I can't not think about it," the Huntsman replied, "and I need to solve the puzzle that is in my head. I need to know where twenty-eight years of my life went."

"Huntsman, you're always going to think about it," Philip said. "A piece of you is missing, and maybe it's just not your life."

The Huntsman looked at Philip for a moment. "You think I have someone who means as much to me as Princess Aurora means to you?" the Huntsman asked.

"I do," Philip said. "Why else would the woman always be on your mind?"

"Shouldn't I be feeling something?" the Huntsman asked.

Philip shot him a look. "At the moment, my friend, you're feeling confusion," he had pointed out.

"I mean when I look at her in the dream or in the memory," the Huntsman replied.

"You're not scared when you see her," Philip pointed out. "That's something, and I believe someday you'll see her and your wolf brother again."

"If I do happen to see her or vice versa, how I know it's her?" the Huntsman asked. "I'm still not getting the whole image. It's blurry."

Philip smiled at him. "Have some faith," he replied. "If the image doesn't clear before we see her, I believe she'll recognize you, and did you stop to think that maybe she has your wolf brother?"

The Huntsman stared at him. "No," he answered. "I never stopped to think that. I never stopped to think about that."

"If she really is your true love, Huntsman, like I believe, she would have taken very good care of him," Philip replied.

"She would have, wouldn't she have?" the Huntsman replied smiling at that thought. "I'll finish your shift and do my shift as well. Go get some sleep. I'm not going to get back to sleep."

"Are you sure?" Philip asked.

The Huntsman nodded. "I'm sure," he told him. "And starting tomorrow night, I'm going to volunteer for the middle shift."

"If you're sure," Philip replied.

"I am," he confirmed. "Go get some sleep."

"Night," Philip said as he started to walk off.

"Good night," the Huntsman said back.

Philip nodded and then walked over to where Mulan was still sleeping.

The Huntsman looked at the stars and he vowed to himself that he was going to remember and find the girl in his dreams and in his memories along with his wolf brother.
Chapter 13

The Charming Family had split into two groups. Snow was with Henry and Charming with Emma.

"Is Mom sure about this?" Emma asked Charming.

Charming smiled at his daughter. "Honey, I'm going to tell you a little secret about your mother, Emma," Charming replied. "When she speaks her mind, she's sure. If she believes Grumpy can draw, he can draw."

Emma had tried to resist asking, but she couldn't now. She needed to know. "And who is Grumpy?" she asked.

Charming chuckled.

Emma glared at Charming before rolling her eyes. "In Storybrooke," she told him.

"I believe your mother said he was Leroy," Charming replied. "I've only ever seen him around; I've never actually talked to him in Storybrooke."

"The first time I met him he was my jailmate," Emma said.

Charming stopped on the sidewalk and then grabbed her to face him. "Graham arrested you?" he asked. "Why?" When the incident had happened, Charming, or rather David Nolan, was still in coma, so he didn't know and didn't have any of the details.

"Regina," Emma answered now knowing the truth about that glass of apple cider. "She wanted me arrested. I was well on my way out of town when I realized Henry had left his book in my car. If she had just left me alone, I would have just returned the book and left town."

Charming smiled. "So she gave you a reason to stay," he replied. "You got to love the irony of that."

"I stayed for Henry," Emma told him. "He got in my head and stayed there until this morning, when I thought he had died. I didn't want to admit until then that I love him even before I remembered my real memories." Tears fell out of Emma's eyes.

"Oh, Emma," he said and hugged her.

Emma closed her eyes as she laid her head down on her father's shoulder. "I've cried more today than I have in my lifetime," she told him.

Charming chuckled. "You're allowed," he said. "Besides, I want to make up for lost time. I love you, Emma."

"I know," Emma said. "And I can get used to leaning on you, Dad." She smiled up at him. "I love you, too."

Charming smiled.

Emma gently pushed him away. "I sure hope he's here," Emma replied.

Charming and Emma walked into the hospital together. They went directly to the desk. "We're looking for Leroy," Emma replied.

"He left awhile ago," the nurse at the desk said and then looked at Emma. "Right after you broke the curse broke, your highness."

Emma wanted wince at the title, but she resisted. She laid her business card on the desk. "If he comes back, can you tell him I'm looking for him?" Emma asked.

The nurse took the business card. "What do I tell him?" she asked.

"Tell him it's about getting home," Charming answered.

The nurse stared at Charming. "Home?" she asked with surprise hope and forgot formality. "As in the Enchanted Forest?"

Charming nodded.

"I will," the nurse replied with a smile.

Charming and Emma walked away from the desk and headed for the exit. "How much do you want to bet that there's a way home will go through the Storybrooke grape vine?" Emma asked.

Charming just smiled at Emma.

Emma studied him a moment. "Wait," she said. "You want that to happen?"

Charming nodded.

She just had to ask. "Why?"

"If Grumpy hears that we're looking for him, he'll be inclined to search for my wife, your mother," Charming replied.

"How do you know that?" Emma asked.

"Grumpy has a soft spot for Snow," Charming told her so matter of factly. "Please tell me that story is in there."

Emma stared at Charming for a moment before it clicked what he was talking about. "Yeah, it's in Henry's book," she answered. "Though I do wonder how much August had left out."

"Wait," Charming replied as he once again grabbed his daughter and brought her out of the way of others walking on the sidewalk. "You're telling me Pinocchio wrote Henry's book?"

Emma nodded.

"Maybe instead of punishing Geppetto, may be we should grant him a metal instead," Charming replied.

Emma smiled at him as she shook her head.


Meanwhile, Snow and Henry headed to Grumpy's apartment. Henry, who was still wary of him, looked at her as they walked up to the floor he lived on. "Would he really help us?"

"I know and understand why both Emma and Regina told you to stay away from him, but I'll tell you a little secret about Grumpy," Snow replied and then leaned to whisper in his ear. "Out of all the dwarfs, he has the biggest heart."

"I thought that was Dopey," Henry replied.

"He's the most pure of heart," Snow corrected, "but Grumpy has the biggest."

"What's the difference?" Henry asked her.

"Um..." Snow was a loss for words, so instead of answering his second question, she answered his first, "He'll help us." Snow knocked on his door when they walked to it and before Henry could repeat his question.

The neighboring door opened. "Snow," the female said from behind them.

Snow turned to see Cinderella. "Ella," she said. "Have you seen Grumpy? It's important."

"Shhh," Cinderella replied. "I just got Alexandra down for a nap."

"Sorry," Snow whispered. "Grumpy?"

"He and Thomas left for work at the same time," Cinderella replied, "but everyone left the cannery at the same time when the curse broke. Thomas told me."

"Grumpy works at the hospital as maintenance," Snow replied.

"If he comes home," Cinderella replied, "I'll tell him you're looking for him."

"Could you tell him that it's about going home to the Enchanted Forest?" Snow asked.

Cinderella stared at her best friend. "Home," she said slowly and then shook off her shock. "Yes, of course. You mind if I spread the word?"

Snow smiled at Cinderella. She could always count on her. "No," she said. "In fact, I'm counting on the fact that you would."

Cinderella returned the smile and nodded. She then turned to walk back into her apartment and closed the door.

"So Ashley is Cinderella?" Henry asked looking up at his grandmother.

Snow stared at Henry. "Well, aren't you the smart one," she said. "You haven't missed have you?"

Henry grinned at Snow. "No," he told her. "Should we go back to the Sheriff's station since it's going around that we're looking for him?"

Snow nodded. "Yeah," she said. "That would be a very good idea."
For the Love of Family Chap 13, an OUaT fanfic
The Charmings split up looking for the artist to do the age progression, and some more secrets pop out.


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I know the last time I updated my journal was in August, but I felt like this needed to be said.

Earlier today, I went to a funeral to a fourteen-year-old girl who had committed suicide. I only met her on one occasion, but she was the great grand niece to my mom's best friend which is one of the reasons why I went with my mom. From what I understand, this girl's mother is in jail (for what I do not know) and she was being teased and bullied at school about it. I also found out that nearly a month ago she was Baker Acted, and if my mom's best friend and her daughter had known before the girl's death, they would have convinced her sister and niece (who was the fourteen year old's grandmother and aunt) a change would've been good for her.

I know all of this is said and thought about in hindsight, but for those who are left behind by those who have committed suicide, those are all we have. Even at the funeral today, I was able to pick the girl's best friend. She will have to live with the fact her best friend did this, and she didn't have any idea how depressed she was. I know she was the type of girl who would've listened to her best friend.

My heart goes to the family and especially to the girl who lost her best friend.

I also want to let any of my deviantart :+watch:ers know if you are going through a hard time or in need to have someone to talk to, I will be glad to listen to you. My skype is aravesitheoutlawwitch.

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